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Our Minister:

Following 12 years of happy and fulfilling ministry, Peter Johnston’s decision to accept a call from Ferryhill Parish Church in Aberdeen means that we are now vacant and looking for a new minister to help us build on Peter’s legacy of achievements.

Peter had many skills and attributes – particularly IT, technical and musical – many of which are in evidence elsewhere on this website – the midi files and new hymns that he penned are testimony to these talents.

It was probably his ability to relate well to children that marked his (and our) greatest contribution to the community we seek to serve.  When Calderside Academy opened in Blantyre as the secondary school for Blantyre and the Hillhouse/Fairhill areas of Hamilton, a new chaplaincy team was formed, comprising ministers from the various local churches.  Peter was one of the founding members of that chaplaincy team and their achievements are outlined in the section “C.L.C. Chaplaincy Team”  They were instrumental in creating teaching materials such as “Bubblegum & Fluff”  and the “Easter Code” which are now used extensively throughout the Church of Scotland.

Although several of the original team have now moved on, the chaplaincy link with Calderside Academy and the feeder primary schools continues to thrive, assisted as it is by members of the local churches including St Andrew’s.

In accordance with the Presbytery Plan for Blantyre, we have recently linked with Livingstone Memorial congregation thereby bringing together two loyal, self-supporting and active congregations whose joint vision is to serve our local community.

Following Peter’s demission, Hamilton Presbytery appointed Rev Douglas Wallace, Minister of Stewartfield Church in East Kilbride as our Interim Moderator, and when the linkage with Livingstone Memorial was created in March, Douglas volunteered to become Interim Moderator for the linked charges, thereby building on the previous relationships which existed.

We also have a shared Locum – Rev Sharon Colvin – who now leads our worship and supports our pastoral care requirements in the town.  Sharon brings a wealth of experience which helps sustain our presence in the local community and care homes.