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Written by Peter Johnston   
Sunday, 27 May 2012 21:32

Belatedly, a few pictures from last weekend's brilliant weekend away for members of Cosy Café Sundays. I became swallowed up in trying to finish editing Issue 4 of Spill the Beans as soon as I got back (and took a trip to visit the doctor!), but that is now finished, so I can catch up on these things!

We had a fabulous time. I was rather worried when we left Hillhouse Parish Church on Friday evening in our convoy of two minibuses and the luggage car when the rain started pouring down as we drove along the M8, and that evening it was pretty driech in Scoughall, just a few miles from North Berwick. But the weather just got better and better over the weekend so much so that instead of treking into Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon, we stayed at the campsite and played some wild games of nukemball! [There's more...]

Our theme for the weekend had a French twist as we were based in Paris, using the story from Martin Scorsese's superb film 'Hugo' as the hook for exploring our purpose in life and place within God's creation. The young boy in this film is the son of a clock maker and is on a mission to repair an automaton that his father had found. Hence our own clockmaking and robot building.

Like in a clock, all the parts are necessary for it to work well, and we saw that this was true for us aswell, but that it does not stop there. For we also have the chance to make choices about whether we participate and make a difference with our contributions to our families, churches, schools, communities, and world.

In the film, we delve into the very history of early cinema, and we did the same, with the three teams making their own films based on Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Hunger Games! They were all utterly magnificent!

One of the issues we have been facing as leaders of the Cosy Café Sundays is that while it is great to meet with much larger numbers, and it allows us to do much more, sometimes we don't have the same space just to blether, to share time with each other and to get to know each other as we might have done in our own small groups, like the IQ Group that used to meet on Sunday nights in St Andrew's. Part of the purpose of the weekend away was to create that space both for us as leaders to get to know the young people better, and also for the young people who come from all the different participating congregations and parishes to get to know each other.

It was really pleasing for us to see the usual cliques that form on our usual Sunday night gatherings breaking down as everyone mixed and spent time talking with people they didn't really previously know. This was always our hope for Cosy Café Sundays, but it really does take active effort like this to make it happen.

A great indicator that the weekend worked well was that not once did any of the young people come to us asking for their mobile phones outside of the times we gave them back so they could contact family!

I'm so glad we organised the weekend, and loved being a part of the team. The young folks were asking us at the end of the weekend whether we were planning another. I think the answer to that will definitely be, 'yes', and there will be opportunities for others to join us, either young people or leaders.

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