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Written by Peter Johnston   
Tuesday, 05 June 2012 20:42

Walking in Redlees Quarry

First off, a big thank you to Andy Williamson and David Burt for stepping in to lead the worship on Sunday morning! I'm feeling a lot better, if still coughing and spluttering somewhat. Thanks for the prayers, folks!

I confess I have also missed most of the Jubilee celebrations for Her Majesty over the weekend - just not feeling up to watching much TV. We did, however, have our own belated celebrations for Robin's, ahem, 75th, with a festive union flag wrapped cake today!

In the evening, just as the clouds started to sprinkle we got out with Keely for her third walk of the day (truly spoiled today) to Redlees Quarry. I really appreciated getting out and about having been stuck at home for the past few days.

It is one of the delights of venturing back into dog ownership that you do get to explore many more of the local spots than you ever would without a beastie in tow. Two places we had never explored before (shameful, I know) have been the parkland around the old Priory where the football pitches are and the reclaimed Redlees Quarry. The latter we've been to regularly (in part also to get Keely used to the car, which is still troubling for her), but over the last couple of weeks they have really opened up the walks there with a number of new paths taking you around the site. It is great. [There's more...]

As part of the ongoing work to create a natural resource for the community the amount of pathways have greatly expanded with some new walks through the woods, not just around the pond and these go down to the old World War II anti-aircraft battery that still stands, though now fully excavated from its over-grown state.

Dancing around the war workings

I had not realised that is what this site was. I had thought the buildings were something to do with the old clay quarry, but I was totally flumoxed at determining what the purpose of each of the many buildings were. Only after getting home and doing a bit of bing searching did I find that this was an anti-aircraft battery. Suddenly this made sense of the layout of the buildings, particularly the circular buildings with numerous obvious storage spots that must have held the ammunition for the centrally mounted guns.

We were able to walk around them all, but I believe in the fullness of time this area will all be landscaped and fenced off with signs showing what each building was used for and what it would have looked like.

Needless to say, the kids loved exploring it, but it is not the safest in an age of foam-covered soft play areas!

If you haven't had a walk down to Redlees Quarry (off Blantyre Farm Road) then do go down and explore. It is really fabulous to have such a lovely walk so near to hand.

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susan mcneish said:

Redlees Park
I'm glad that you're enjoying the new park at Redlees. I've got the cool job title of "Redlees Urban Park Development Co-ordinator"! I'm based at Community Links above the library in Blantyre. Part of my remit for is to raise awareness of the park in the local community. If you would be interested, or know anyone else who would you can contact me on 01698827583. Thanks, Susan
October 24, 2012 | url
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