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When the new is definitely better than the old PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Johnston   
Tuesday, 21 October 2008 18:01


I was at another training day today for the Ministries Council. It was the second part of training on the enquiry process for accompanying people who feel a call to the ministry. I have to say that the current system is far, far better than it was when I went to "selection school", after all they let me through!

Rather than a concentrated two days, the process is now spread over many months and includes practical experience, plenty of time for reflection and observation, feedback and also journalling. This latter is interesting to me as a budding blogger.

Enquirers must keep a private journal of their experiences week by week, and reflect back on it at regular intervals both to think about what they have achieved and to see where they have come spiritually on their journey. It seems to be a very helpful tool.

As we talked about journalling today the similarities to writing a blog were clear, though inevitably when you are writing for an online readership you are a little more circumspect about what to include than you would be if writing just for yourself! Nonetheless, it is an interesting development and one which I am glad the Ministries Council have adopted.

[Note the image above is borrowed... I like it but wish the point of focus was on the nib - that's what I would have done!]

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Peter Johnston said:

Peter Johnston
Journalling, take two
Hi Nelu, good to hear from you!
It is interesting to hear your comments about the current selection process for candidates. I can only judge from what I went through when everything revolved around the two days of selection. In that context the current situation, as you say, is much better. However, I am sure there are still improvements to be made, and the process will inevitably be reviewed again in the next few years.
On journalling: I started a journal myself a couple of years ago and survived for a few weeks before giving up. However, I have found it much easier this time to keep going with the blog. I am sure it is partly a state of mind and trying to get "in the zone" of journalling. I hope it becomes easier for you as time goes on.
October 29, 2008
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Nelu said:

Hi Peter,
Glad to meet with you again (this time virtually). We met at the preparation for 200th Anniversary of Abolition of the Slave Trade Act.
As one who has recently pass through the (selection) system, and struggled (and struggles) with journalling, I agree that the current system is better than the previous one, but I still feel that the two days 'selection' still plays a disproportionate weight in the selection process.
Success though with your training.

October 26, 2008 | url
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