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Written by Peter Johnston   
Friday, 27 July 2012 11:48

Olympics football at Hampden

A very quiet blog during July is the usual sign of mayhem in the Johnston household... It has been an extraordinary month with Carolyn away in the United States for a couple of weeks spending time with her family. A longer taster of what it is like to be a single parent fairly opened my eyes, my hat is tipped to single parents everywhere who keep life together, organised, calm and happy. The kids were actually great, but I have been so busy working that we were not able to spend much time doing any family stuff.

On top of that, the house has been a worksite with a new bathroom being fitted - much needed to replace the rather decrepit room that had been the family bathroom for all these years. It looks great, but the work has taken three full weeks with lots of complications in the plumbing (old houses!) to work round. However, it all should be finished today. Yay! The guys have done a fabulous job, kudos to them all. [There's more...]

With Carolyn back, we did manage to get a break on Wednesday night to go to the opening football games of the Olympics at Hampden Park where we saw the USA defeat France in the women's prelim match. These two teams are pictured lining up for the national anthems ahead of the game. Then we were witness to the international incident in the second game where the North Korean team were displayed alongside the South Korean flag on the screen! Oops! To be honest, we hadn't noticed anything was awry, not having been paying much attention to the screens, and the announcer in the stadium didn't let us know. I was suspecting a mass defection, but, alas, no. We found out when our phones started vibrating with breaking news from the BBC!

The atmosphere was not great for the second game, but the first game was tremendous fun. Lots of families, (all those free tickets drawing lots of folks like us to the game) and plenty of cheering and celebration. Funnily enough, there seemed far more support for the USA team than for France, and we were, of course, rooting for the US. One of the goals in particular was a glorious strike, so exciting to see.

The rest of the last few weeks have been busy finishing off Issue 5 of Spill the Beans. I'll put up a separate post shortly for that. Lots of work, as ever, but tremendous to have a hand in drawing together so much creativity for the autumn season.

We're now minus the two older girls who set off this morning with all the other Guides and Guiders for their trip to Switzerland - and we pray for a safe journey for them all. And so with Keely in tow we are going to head down to a cottage in the Pennines for a week. I'm so looking forward to a week of doing nowt.

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