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Written by Peter Johnston   
Sunday, 16 November 2008 02:01

A banner at a rally in Florida

It's been a rather frustrating evening trying to get one of the videos working on our laptop for tomorrow's service. However, all is now well, though I will have an early start to write some notes for the sermon.

However, before heading to bed I had a quick look through some of my regular blogs and was particularly struck by the image above. (There's more...)

It is from a rally held in Florida as one of hundreds that took place all across the USA on Saturday. As part of the elections in the USA earlier this month there were a number of state ballots that added language to their own constitutions that directly contradicts the constitution of the United States as a whole with respect to the equality of all people.

Even as we saw and rejoiced at one of the final barriers of racial inequality falling with the election of Barack Obama, there was a movement in a number of states (e.g. Florida and California) to remove the right of gay and lesbian people to form committed relationships in the same way that a straight couple would. The sign above picks up on my article on secularism of a fortnight ago, but adds a more pressing dimension as in California the Mormon church ploughed in $20million to the campaign to remove equality from a minority group, and used some truly despicable lies against the gay and lesbian community while doing so.

However, on Saturday, in response to this, hundreds of thousands of people, gay and straight, have taken to the streets to protest. It is a sign of the times, and these crowds have been predominantly young. The times they are a changin'. One day, we will live together without fearing one another because we are different. Then, as we'll be thinking about later this morning, we will be living as Children of the Light.

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