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Ups and Downs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Johnston   
Sunday, 21 December 2008 22:37

Denby Harelequin

After singing the praises of ebay in this post, I am grinding my teeth (well pretending too, anyway, after dentistry work this week my teeth are still a little sensitive!) as I missed out on a great deal by a whopping 44p. Aarrgghh! I came home early from the tea after the joint churches carol service, which went very well courtesy of Steve Younger and Fiona Wilson, in order to bid on the above collection of Denby and just, just missed getting the highest bid. Such deflation!

Carolyn and I, not long after getting married started buying up this Denby set as we really like it. However, it has now been out of production for a number of years and, of course, our numbers of plates and bowls is fast diminishing as they get dropped onto the tiled kitchen floor. [There's more...]

Seeing this complete set my jaw dropped - perfect to see us through for the next twenty years! And it has been snatched from us by a mere 44p difference in bids. Grrr.

However, that downer has been compensated today by both an excellent nativity service this morning in which the children really seemed to be enjoying themselves from what I was able to see of it while also operating the sound desk. 

And also by coming home this evening to find a friend request on Facebook from an old school friend from Gravesend who I haven't seen in years. That he is living just outside of Edinburgh is an added bonus. So, despite my ebay frustration, the web still delights and amazes.

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