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Revolution and Rock PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Johnston   
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 10:28

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At a recent gig, the band U2 played one of their early songs of political unrest, Sunday Bloody Sunday, with a backdrop of images from Iran. And the unrest in Iran, the movement towards revolution, despite the pressure from the leaders to stamp out any dissent, continues.

In a piece in the New  York Times exploring the cracks that are appearing in the Iranian goverment:

“I voted for Moussavi because I want change,” said a 24-year-old recent university graduate who was visiting his hometown, a mud-brick village southwest of Qum that is accessible only by an old tractor trail. “All the young people like myself moved away because we do not believe in this lifestyle anymore,” he said, speaking anonymously for fear of reprisals.

[There's more...]

It is great to see bands like U2 support the cause of freedom, but remember that there are also young Iranians risking their life and freedom as they use banned rock music to express themselves. Here is the band Hypernova playing their song, "Fairy Tales" from their 2008 album, Through the Chaos:

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I have this nagging feeling that wherever rock music is finding expression, change is somewhere near. Maybe it was listening to songs like Free Nelson Mandela and Sun City in the 80s while I was a teen. The latter song was written by Little Steven and sung by a group called Artists United Against Apartheid. We saw Little Steven playing, of course, with Bruce Springsteen in July in Glasgow as he is a member of the E Street Band, and, for the real trivia geeks, also playing Silvio Dante in the TV show Sopranos!

Here is Sun City, as a blast from the past:

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