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A Resurrection Moment PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Johnston   
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 17:48

Mario Gomez in prayer

Pictured is Mario Gomez, the eldest at 63 of the Chilean miners trapped for two months within the ground, falling to his knees in prayer after being helped out of the rescue capsule today. It is a fantastic good news story.

Having been out all afternoon leading a funeral service, I just got back in to see the 17th miner, Omar Reygadas, appearing into the bright Chilean day clutching his Bible tight. More than half of the miner's are now topside. Their faith has surely been rewarded today, a resurrection moment of new hope and new life in the face of disaster.

I pray that this wonderful day for these miners and their families will lead to more rigorous safety for the sake of those working under the ground in Chile in small mines such as the one we have been focussed on for the last two months. We here in Blantyre know all too well the cost that comes from working the mines and from a lack of proper safety systems. [There's more...]

Almost 133 years ago a huge explosion reverberated around Blantyre as over 200 lives were lost in the Dixons pits, a tragedy encapsulated in song:

By Clyde's bonnie banks as I sadly did wander
Among the pitheaps as evening drew nigh
I spied a wee lassie all dressed in deep mourning
A-weeping and wailing wi' mony's sigh

I stepped up beside her and thus did address her
Come tell me, young lass, o' your sorrow and pain
A-sobbing and sighing, at last she did answer
Johnny Murphy, kind sir, was my ain true love's name

Twenty-one years of age, full o' youth and good-looking
To work doon the mines at High Blantyre he came
The wedding was fixed, all the guests were invited
That calm summer's evening young Johnny was slain

The explosion was heard, all the women and children
Wi' pale anxious faces they haste tae the mine
When the news was made heard the hills rang with their mourning
Twa hundred and seven young miners were slain

Noo husbands and wives and sweethearts and brothers
That Blantyre explosion they'll never forget
And all ye young miners that hear my sad story
Shed a tear for the victims that's laid tae their rest

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