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The Minions take over! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Johnston   
Sunday, 20 March 2011 23:11

A few minions

As you can see in the picture above of just a few of the many minions created this evening we had no shortage of silliness at Cosy Café Sundays tonight!

We were using the film Despicable Me as our hook into the theme of 'ambition' and one of the tasks after watching the scene where we are first introduced to the massed minions that serve the evil mastermind Gru was to create our own minion avatar. We had rather ambitiously now that I look back on it, only given ourselves ten minutes or so for this task... 30 minutes later we were still creating awesome masterpieces. [There's more...]

And so the minions took over the evening and we had to do a lot of thinking on our feet to redraft the programme to cover some of the ground we wanted to cover when looking at the pros and cons of ambition and whether our ambitions should be in what we do or rather who we are.

It just about came together but unfortinately we had to sacrifice a section that linked the themes in Despicable Me to the calling of Moses who had to overcome his fears realising that the ambition God had for him was so much more than he had for himself.

I suppose in the end it was quite appropriate that the minions took over, as the point of the evening was that we should not be minions, even when we are serving others, as we do as Christians, we do not do so mindlessly but out of our conviction and understanding that God seeks to draw us into a better life. A life where our ambitions are not all centred around ourselves, but reflect God's nature and being in the world: building relationship and sacrificial service.

We didn't have time for it tonight, but we were going to get everyone to write on the back of their minion: "I am not a minion, I am a..." and add what good and positive part of their person they bring to our Cosy Café community. Perhaps it is a question we can all ask of ourselves?

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