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Journey's End PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Johnston   
Friday, 22 April 2011 09:40

Crown of Thorns

Last night we enjoyed the company of Rev Steve Younger from High Blantyre Baptist Church at our Maundy Thursday Communion supper and service as he helped us to explore the traditions of the Pesach meal, the Jewish Passover remembrance. My thanks to Steve for so clearly drawing out the links between our remembrance of the Lord's Supper and the Pesach meal at which that Last Supper took place.

This afternoon the Magnification Action Group will be busy setting out the labyrinth in the Church Hall for tonight. It will be open from 6 - 9:30 p.m. and should take between 30 and 40 minutes to journey through. It is always a powerful experience, and well worth a visit if you have never been before.

This morning I was forwarded a poem by Mark Greene of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity for today, Good Friday. You can find it below the jump. [There's more...]

Journey's End

And so we do as he told us to,
And remember:

How he, his heart beating to his Father's will,
Stepped down in time from heaven's throne,
Borne by the breath of love to Mary's home,
Jesus, embryo, coming for his own.

Jesus, son of Joe, the carpenter's kid,
Jesus in Jerusalem, 12-year-old youth
Stunning the temple elite in his Father's house,
The word on the street, full of grace and truth.

Jesus stepping down into Jordan's waters,
And rising to the sound of his Father's praise;
Jesus turning storm to stillness, sickness to shalom,
Mourning to amazement, rejection to welcome,
Lack to plenty, death to breath,
Life to life for always and always.

Jesus at the bedside, 'Little girl, get up.'
Jesus at the tomb-side, 'Come out.'
Jesus on the mountainside, 'Blessed are...blessed are...blessed are...'
Jesus on our side, 'Come to me ...'
Jesus in all humility, 'I only do what I see
My father doing.'

Jesus kneeling down at our feet, washing off our muck.
Jesus falling down in the dirt, streaked with his own blood,
Jesus looking down from the crossbeam, his dads' Son,
Taking away the sins of the world, the victory won,
God and ransom, knowing: all has been given, all has been done.

© Mark Greene, 2011

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