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Baptism BookletIf you have recently been blessed with a child then congratulations to you! In the church we rejoice with you at the birth of your child: it is a joy and privilege, but also a serious responsibility.

If you are considering having your child baptised then you will find some useful information on this page.

In the Church of Scotland we practise 'infant baptism', meaning that we baptise children as well as adults. Some churches only baptise adults at a time when they make a decision to follow Jesus. We baptise children as well because we want to emphasise that God first loves us. When we baptise a child we are asserting the fact that even before we are ever aware of it, God loves us. His grace and forgiveness are for all. The symbol of water sprinkled is a symbol of purification and reminds us of God's love.

When we later come to make a decision to follow Jesus this is usually tied with becoming a member of the church.

You will find information about baptism on these pages, and you can also download our baptism booklet.

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When you bring your child for baptism the church asks of you two questions, and then a further question of the congregation as a whole.

These questions are:

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If you were not baptised as a child then we would be delighted to see you take the step to be baptised as an adult. Sometimes parents do this as they bring their own children to be baptised. An adult baptism is usually immediately followed by the public profession of faith that proceeds a full welcome into the church as one of its members.