Vows taken at Infant Baptism PDF Print E-mail

When you bring your child for baptism the church asks of you two questions, and then a further question of the congregation as a whole.

These questions are:

During the baptism you, as parents or guardians, are asked two questions:

  • Do you confess your faith in God as your Creator and Father in Jesus Christ as your Lordand in the Holy Spirit as your guide and helper? (I do)
  • Do you promise, with God’s help, to teach your child(ren) the truths and duties of the Christian faith and to encourage him/her/them as he/she/they grow(s) in the life and worship of the church? (I do)
These questions and your response are important. For the most part you will be the means by which God's love will be shown to your child and these promises reflect your commitment to do that with God's help. Your child will look to you as an example, and Baptism is also a sign of your child's welcome into the church family.

We want to help you as best we can to fulfil the promises you make as parents and so the congregation also make a commitment when they answer the following question:

  • Do you, the representatives here of Christ’s church, welcome [child's name] into the family of the church and promise them your friendship, support and prayers? (We do)