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What is the church?

The church can be described in many ways, but here are some of our favourites:

  • The body of Christ
  • A worshiping community, committed to service
  • Ordinary people who share an understanding that they are following Jesus
  • People who recognise all that God has done for them, and respond in love
  • A body of people led by the Holy Spirit to proclaim God's work in the world, and to end all that impoverishes others, whether injustice, slavery, oppression or hatred
Is church for me?

Church is for everyone with no exceptions. Some of us feel that we are not worthy of God's love. Perhaps we have done something in the past that makes us feel that we are beyond God's care, or something has happened to us that has caused us to put up the barriers.

God loves us, no matter what. His gracious love knows no boundaries. Jesus welcomes everyone to be a part of his family and to know the reconciliation and peace he brings.

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FishersThe church is not a building or a place though these have their uses. The church is the people of God gathered together. It is a living thing - not a dead pile of bricks and mortar but a group striving to work in partnership with God.

The members of the church embody the church (just as your hands, feet and head embody you). Without these different members, coming with all kinds of backgrounds, talents and gifts, there would be no church.

We are not primarily concerned with numbers of church members, we believe our duty as members of Christ's church is to make disciples of Christ - and to heed his call to follow him.

Everybody has something to offer Christ and his church, to begin with it may not be something big, but from a small seed grows a mighty tree. Thus will the kingdom of God grow.

We are continually exploring how we can build a Church Without Walls - breaking out into the community so that we can share with people around us and learn from them also. This raises all sorts of new challenges and opportunities - never think that someone else will do this work, Christ needs us all.

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If you have already been baptised into the church, either as an adult or an infant, then when you join the church you will be asked the following questions. If you have not been baptised, then a baptism will also be a part of the service.

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For those of you who are thinking about membership in the St Andrew's Church Family we have the perfect opportunity for you to find out more about what it means to be a member of this church family through our Membership Course.