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Fair Trade and Traidcraft

A Traidcraft ProducerThe logo for the company Traidcraft has the caption Fighting poverty through trade. It is a very simple statement and resonates with the Christian conviction that we should help our neighbours. So what does this mean?

It means three basic things:

  1. Paying people in the developing world fair prices.
  2. Giving them credit when they need it.
  3. Working together for a better future.

Millions of families in developing countries don't get a fair share of the wealth created by their own skill and effort and the resources of their land. This is largely because of the way international trade is controlled by the rich countries. It's a system which is both unjust and a major cause of continuing world poverty.

Traidcraft is working to change this injustice by creating opportunities for the poor in the developing world to work their way to a better quality of life, and for people in this country to join a movement for change that's working for the fairer conduct of international trade.

For producers in the developing world trading fairly means a number of things:

  • It means they can look forward to receiving a fair price for their skill and effort and the crops they produce. Too often, in the free market, they are exploted and fail to benefit. Getting a fair price means they can often do the things we take for granted, like sending their children to school or going to see the doctor without worry about how they can afford it.
  • It means that, where necessary, they can get access to credit at reasonable rates. Many producers are crippled, not necessarily by the low prices they get for their goods, but by the high rates of interest charged by moneylenders. Where necessary, Traidcraft will give advance payments so that producers can buy raw materials without resorting to moneylenders.
  • It means they can look forward to a long-term relationship that is a real partnership on both sides, taking into account their interests, not just the interests of those buying their products. That means they know they can plan for the future.

These are just a few reasons why fair trade is such a challenging, revolutionary and important idea, and why we must encourage people to join the fight for justice in international trade.

St Andrew's Traidcraft StallAs a body, the church is called to live out the values of the Kingdom of God here on earth - and be concerned for love and justice. In this respect we need to consider how our purchases reflect that. Buying fairly traded products is one way of putting our talk into action. We spend far more on buying than we ever do in giving. Your choice of purchase can make a real difference to the lives of people in the developing world.

St Andrew's Traidcraft Stall

A selection of fairly traded goods are available after each Sunday service and on various other occasions. A catalogue is available for other items to be ordered.

The purpose of the stall is to raise the awareness of trade issues as it impacts the developing world and to provide a source of fairly traded goods. The purpose is not to raise money for St Andrew's. Indeed, St Andrew's provided the seed money to get the stall going.