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We, the children of the Sunday Funday Club, meet most weeks during term time in the Nazarene Hall where we split up into our own groups. Each group looks at the theme of the week with relevant content for our ages. In a fun atmosphere our leaders aim to increase our knowledge of Jesus, God, faith, the Bible and how these affect our lives and the lives of those around us.

Usually we stay in for the first part of the service and then leave for our groups meeting in the Nazarene Hall.

Presentation to Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust2008 Donation to Charity

On Sunday 14 September 2008 a cheque for £200 was passed by Elizabeth Fraser to Joe Beethan of Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust.

This money had been raised by the members of the Sunday Funday Club during the course of the year.

Joe Beethan explained that the Trust provides a free means of transport for people suffering with cancer to get to and from hospital for treatment, clinics, or even to day-care. A team of volunteer drivers are involved to make this happen.

For more information about how Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust helps people click here.

2010 Outing to Finlaystone House

We also go on an annual outing. Here's some pictures from our 2010 trip.


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