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Since 2006 the Magnification Action Group has been experimenting with labyrinths for Good Friday and at Christmas time as a different way for people to worship and commune with God.

Good Friday LabyrinthYou may never have experienced a labyrinth before. A labyrinth is an ancient form of pilgrimage designed for pilgrims unable to travel to the Holy Land during the Crusades. One of the most famous labyrinths is in Chartres Cathedral in France where pilgrims have for centuries walked the labyrinth in deep contemplation.

It is a journey you make on your own, yet with everyone else who wind their way along with you, sometimes beside you, sometimes in different directions. You can never get lost, that is why it is such a rich symbol of travelling with God. Sometimes you are close to the centre, sometimes far from it. So much like life itself.

In the labyrinths we have constructed in St Andrew's the path has stations along the way. They are simply there to help focus the journey. They are not an end in themselves and may even be the least important part of the journey.

A labyrinth is not to be rushed, it is to be experienced slowly. It can be a very emotional experience.

While walking a labyrinth is an ancient tradition, it is not something stuck in the past and we have employed the use of silence and even personal mp3 players for pilgrims on different occasions.

You may be surprised to hear that even the singer Sting has a labyrinth modelled on that found in Chartres laid out in his gardens!

Next time there is a labyrinth at St Andrew's we encourage you to join the other pilgrims and walk the journey.