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With the warmer weather Heavenly Father many of us are

enjoying our leisure time in the country.


The treasures you have freely given us lord are all around

and we pray that we will always give you our thanks

a thousand fold .Just to be in the open air and feel the soft rain

and the warm sun, O how good it makes us feel.


We are aware that some folks don’t often get out in the

fresh air, for various reasons. We pray Heavenly Father that

you will make it possible for them to go outside, or if this is

not possible, be with them and lighten  their day with your

Holy presence.


We know the power of prayer and it is awesome. We always

get an answer, perhaps not the answer we want and not always

at the time we want, but an answer just the same. Gods answer!


Father we ask you to bless us all as we bring these prayers to

you through our lord and master Jesus.          Amen