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Heavenly Father we glorify your name above all others.


We worship and adore you, everything revolves round you

you are the centre of our lives.

You make us happy and our lives are filled with joy!


We pray Gracious God that this joy can be used in our

everyday lives, to transform our relationships with others.

Let us, the Children of God be the leaders guiding others

and helping when the need arises.


Let us be modest Lord. This is one of the difficult bits !

We know that we will have to work on this but with your

help, through time,  we will achieve modesty.


We also pray that we can overcome the perceived slights,

the thought that we are not in that group or this set over

there. Help us to grow in our Church family without any

bitterness or rancour, we are Christians together and as

such we share the fellowship of all.


Living in a changing world we pray that we too can change.

Nothing ever stands still and we must move forward or

be left behind, and that would never do!


We cannot make  these changes by ourselves Dearest Father

so we pray that in the coming week you will bless us.

We bring our prayers to you through your beloved son

Jesus Christ our Lord and savoir.         Amen.