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Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer 51 15th December 2012. PDF Print E-mail



On this cold chilly morning we pray to you Heavenly Father, we

thank you for all you have done for us so graciously and freely.


During this hectic Christmas time may we never lose the meaning

of Christmas.         The birth of Christ.

His birth means more than presents,    decorations,   food,   drink ,

and an excess of everything.


We pray that we will remember other people who are unhappy and

have so very little. Through no fault of their own some are homeless

and they especially need our help and prayers. Again Father we say

thank you because no matter how little we have we are never destitute.


In praying to you mighty redeemer, let us realise that your great love

for us can be our goal. We can have love that is patient, not arrogant,

never boastful, love that bares all and love that is eternal.


Without your help God we are nothing, please bless us always.

We speak to you  through Jesus our Lord   Amen.

Weekly Prayer 50; 9th December 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Almighty Father hear us today as we pray to you. We need 

your forgiveness even though we try to do the right things 

we often fail.


During this second week of Advent we remember the lighting

of the second candle which throws out a steady stream of light.

As Jesus was the light of the world, may we shine in places

of darkness. Help us Lord for we are weak and frail.

Even in this so called enlightened age in which we live, there

are many dark places we simply don’t know about. We pray

Lord that we may be the candle shining in the darkness.


We pray for all in the war torn lands especially the children.

They do not understand what is going on Father, please

comfort and keep them, wrap your arms around them and give

love and shelter.


As we prepare for Christmas let us not forget why we are

celebrating, and in praying to you Blessed Saviour we will

remember  your Holy Birth with thanksgiving.

Through Jesus these prayers come to you Heavenly Father AMEN.




Weekly Prayer 49; 2nd December 2012 PDF Print E-mail



In reverence we come before you seeking pardon for ours

sins and help with the coming week.

We pray Heavenly Father that the sound of your voice will

resonate through all the earth, and nations everywhere

will worship you, praise and honour your name.


We thank you for the opportunity to speak and pray with you.

Our prayers come straight from our grateful hearts, knowing

that you hear them, we wait patiently for your answer.

We know the answer will come but we trust in the Lord

and with him all things are possible.


On this 1st Sunday in Advent with the lighting of the Advent

Candle, we look forward in anticipation to the Birth of our

Beloved Saviour. We will try to keep the real meaning of

Christmas to the forefront of our daily lives.

We ask these things in Jesus name Amen

Weekly Prayer 48; 25th November 2012. PDF Print E-mail

         Your Words are my Joy and my Hearts Delight


We pray to you Heavenly Father with thankful hearts, we thank

you for every thing you give to us.

Your gifts are mighty and everlasting,  but your love is tender

and healing . When we pray to you  o God we do so because

we in return, love you with all our hearts.


When we have problems to which we cannot find a solution

of course we turn to you, as you will help and comfort us. Our

prayers never fall on deaf ears, you are always ready to hear us.


Thank you for the joy of your written word. Our banner  headline

today is Your word is my joy and my hearts delight, and how true.

To sit quietly at ease, reading your holy book is happiness without

measure, especially in the hurly burly of modern day living.

The joy and delight are real because no matter how many times

we read the Bible it always comes across fresh and new.

we pray that it will always remain so.


While praying we ask that we will find the true meaning of many

passages we read. Please Heavenly Father lift the veil from our eyes

and let us see the real truth. We ask for this in Jesus name,      Amen.




Weekly Prayer; 19th November 2012. PDF Print E-mail


We pray Lord that during the coming week we can curb

our impatience. We pray to you but we want instant answers

We know that you do not work in that way but we still persist.

Loving Father forgive us and help us to see that our persistence

is not the way to come to you. In quietness and reverence we

must make our plea and then we leave the rest to you.


We thank you for the many gifts you give to us. We read in

Marks gospel that children are a gift from God and we realise

that they are one of Gods greatest gifts because they change

lives. We thank you Lord for every child you have given.


At this time we remember our friends we thank you Lord,

for all of them. They enrich our lives and bring joy to our

hearts every day. Its true there really is a golden “ Chain of

Friendship,” its never bought or sold, but it is a   lasting

wonder, again a gift from you, Gracious God.


We pray that we will be able to serve you Father in all we

say and do,   through Jesus our Saviour,  Amen.


Weekly Prayer 46; 11th November 2012. PDF Print E-mail


                  This is the day that the Lord has made!


Awake and greet the new day, we pray that in this day we

will further your Kingdom O Lord by our humility,

thoughtfulness, and kindness. We know you are pleased

when we make an extra effort and its really not that difficult.


We pray that we might be a “light,” as you Jesus are the light

of the world. When we walk with you there is no darkness

and your light shows us the way.


For this we are thankful and full of joy. We know when we live

a Christian life our joy is overflowing because of all you do

for us Gracious God even when we are not abiding by your laws.

Merciful Father please forgive our sins and hopefully we will

be better children in the future.


Again Lord we pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria and

those who have fled to Turkey. For their Christian faith they

have been persecuted so we pray and pray again remembering

them day and night. We will never forget “The Power of Prayer.”

Through Jesus our saviour all things are possible Amen


Weekly Prayer 45; 3rd November 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Heavenly Father fill our hearts with joy as we bring our

prayers to you. We have all had different types of weeks

some of us were busy, some of us were not so well, some

of us had wonderful moments that we will never forget,

and some of us did not notice what kind of week we had.


You saw everything Gracious God and we thank you for

everything you gave and everything you did.

We pray we will perhaps be a little more thankful especially

when we realise some people have nothing. We are not

talking about a little, we are talking about   NOTHING.

Very few of us have nothing and we pray that we can turn

the situation round and share what we have.


We hear the words “clean drinking water” and we don’t

realise in drought ridden areas people do not have any

water at all. We pray Father that through our “Jars of Grace”

we can do a little to alleviate that thirst.


We ask with humble hearts that you will look after our families

and friends especially those who are ill. All these entreaties

come to you through our beloved saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.a





Weekly Prayer 44; 27th October 2012. PDF Print E-mail


All Glory and Thankfulness to you  almighty God

We pray that you will continue to bless us and that your

goodness to us will never diminish.


During last week we had some beautiful autumnal weather

revealing the beauty around us .      It was breathtaking!

Every colour was to be seen, each  outdoing its’ neighbour.

We pray we will always see the beauty and in thanking

you we will rejoice. We often think saying “thank you”

is not enough, but we also know that you are pleased at

our happiness with your natural world.


We thank you for our work and leisure as we can show

others what it means to be a child of Christ. At work we 

can try to see others’ point of view as our own is not always

the correct one. Working in harmony is a distinct pleasure

that we Lord, strive to attain. 

We pray that our leisure is used to rekindle our love for

you, by reaching our full potential in all we do.

You make our “free time” or “me time” mean so much more,

And if you are at the centre of it how much more we enjoy it.


We send these our prayers God winging up to you through

Your beloved son Jesus Christ        Amen.


Weekly Prayer 43; 20th October 2012 PDF Print E-mail


King of Kings and Lord of Lords as another week approaches

we come before you in wonder and awe.

We pray that you will hear us with all our needs and desires.

We know that you never fail us and yet we still question you,

please forgive us Lord.

Let our week be filled with your presence filling our hearts with

love for you. We want you to be at the centre of our world our

first thought in the morning and our last waking thought at night


We pray that this week we can help those who cannot help

themselves, by being there to listen and doing whatever we can

to alleviate their suffering. We will try dear Lord to put others

before self. As the days grow shorter, nights are colder, please

Heavenly Father bless all those who have to choose between

heating or eating, we will try in our humble way to help.


We pray for all who are spreading your word here and worldwide.

Its not always easy to talk about your wonderful message of

peace and love but we will keep them in our hearts.


We pray for our families, our children, and all our friends.

We want them to grow in stature but also to grow in Christian

values, true children of God.


We ask that you will accept these prayers through Jesus Christ

our Lord and saviour,    Amen.





Weekly Prayer 42 ;13th October 2012. PDF Print E-mail


Gracious God our Heavenly Father we come before you in

humility, to pray for others and ourselves.


First of all we thank you for everything you have done for us,

You take great delight in giving us beautiful gifts, surprising

us many times with your generosity. Heavenly Father when

we pray to you we must never forget to say “thank you”.

Please accept our grateful thanks for everything.


We pray for all those who live in poverty here and afar.

We try to help in small ways and we ask you to bless all who

co-ordinate relief work and make such a difference to everyone.

We know all small contributions really can mount up so we

will give with a smile and hope in our hearts.


We pray for all whom we know who are ill, lonely or dying.

Give them the strength to see another day through if that is

your will. Heavenly Father gather them to you and bless them.


God we know you from the quietness.


God we know you from the sound of the sea.


God we know you from the driving rain.


God we know you from the solitude of the hills.


God we know you from the cry of a baby.


God we know you from the stillness of death.


You are always with us and we ask in Jesus name that

you will accept our prayers   Amen.


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